Hear from our founder and CEO Emma Price about Source Kids and our latest Innovative Community Award

Who are we?

Source Kids is Australia’s first magazine for parents, carers, families, professionals and teachers working with children with special needs.  Source Kids delivers the latest information on a range of topics that touch the lives of children with disabilities and their families and carers.

Source Kids is a publication that aims to deliver relevant and reliable information in a positive and vibrant magazine. As parents of children with special needs we know how important it is to have knowledge and information so that we, and the professionals working with our kids can do our best to develop their skills to the highest level possible.

We know how difficult it is to find good information, there is loads of information but it is very hard to find across the thousands of websites and social media pages that exist. Our goal is to deliver information directly to our readers and also give businesses and organisations an opportunity to let this audience know about their products, services, events and initiatives.

Feedback is always fantastic, we are used to hearing “it’s about time!” and “how can we get our hands on a copy” so we know there is demand for a magazine that is for children with special needs.

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