Backseat Carma

Are the kids distracting you in the car? Divide and conquer by installing the Backseat Carma, a child friendly back seat divider. The Backseat Carma is helping parents of special needs children restore calm to their car journeys. It’s been designed to block kids’ view and reach of each other without blocking the driver’s rear-view vision. It also comes with a seatbelt buckle guard to ensure it remains in place. So… no more fighting, snatching of toys, kicking or stressful journeys. Plus, it’s super-easy to install by threading the seat belt through the middle.

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Back Zip Wonsie

The unisex Wonsie back zip bodysuit is specially designed to help deter challenging behaviour by preventing inappropriate self-undressing and access into nappies and underwear. The off-centred back zipper ensures comfort when lying down and the press-studded tab helps to prevent access to the zipper. The size range caters for toddlers through to adults making them popular for aged care and can be worn day or night.

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Josh the Robot Set of 5 Books

Jump on board for your chance to enjoy the full set of ‘Josh the Robot’ children’s books, written and illustrated by talented Down syndrome author and artist Peter Rowe. Join the adventure as Josh the Robot teaches us all about the importance of inclusion, kindness and that it’s ok to be different.

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